Insight Geek Announces Official Website Launched

Insight Geek is a newly launched website that aims to provide simple answers to complex answers on matters that people really care about. The main objective of the website is to spread knowledge and educate people to empower and enrich their lives. The website is being run by a group of geeks whose vast range of interests and impressive research skills allow them to search out the answers to the most complex questions.

Insight Geek spokesperson explained: “InsightGeek is the number one destination for simple answers to complex questions. Our geek’s work around the clock to provide you with easy-to-understand answers that aren’t difficult to digest in one serving. We believe that information is the key to success.”

The geeks would strive to answer questions in the simplest of ways without unnecessary jargons or fancy words or concepts to ensure that a majority of the readers are able to learn and benefit from their answers. The website and its concept has been founded by Matthew Carey, from the United Kingdom in 2015, their aim is to help people from all over the world to get the answers they really need. Carey understands the frustration related to finding equally complex and confusing answer of complex questions. Carey believes that by giving people answer that they can easily understand then that will result in a better informed audience that is empowered to make informed decisions.

“For us, it’s all about diluting the answer into easy-to-understand servings. We write in layman’s terms, and help you to understand the real meaning behind everything and anything. Whether you’re looking for a deep understanding of YouTube Search Engine Optimization, or merely just looking to see what an Apple Pie is, we’re on hand to always give you the answer you need.”

Initially the questions have been divided in to 4 categories including:

  • Food and Cooking
  • Health and Fitness
  • People
  • Technology

As the website will grow the team will continue to add more categories on a need basis. The website currently feature a wide variety of questions and their answers added by the team, however they invite people from around the globe to participate in the website and add questions they would like answered.

About: was born out of the need to answer complex questions with easy to understand answers. Founded by Matthew Carey, from the United Kingdom in 2015, InsightGeek aims to help people from all over the world to get the answers they really need.

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