Building Bookshelf for HTML5 Flipbook Gets Trendy with AnyFlip

Adding refreshing options to spruce up the effect of digital content is one of the foremost challenges for the designers of digital publishing software. Hong Kong based company AnyFlip is way ahead in this respect as it has been adopting out of the box approaches to lift the overall experience of publishers and readers. While the publishers are fondly engaged publishing their digital content with the incredible features of AnyFlip software, they are gladly using the terrific bookshelf functionality to organize HTML5 flipbook.

It is a meager three step process for any publisher to create digital bookshelf with the agency’s digital publishing software. This easy to use option has multifarious advantages which the Design Team’s representative cannot wait to highlight. He says, “We have experienced that most publishers using the value added features of our software go beyond one publication. However, a website with jumbled up digital content can turn off visitors as it would complicate their job to find what they want. We spotted the challenge earlier and put forth “embedded bookshelf” option. Rather it looks amazing when the HTML5 flipbooks or other digital contents are orderly displayed, and the reader sees books in an apple-pie order!”

AnyFlip’s bookcase has customizable settings which eliminate monotony on the publishers’ part. They can go on to add their logo with the bookcase and even make an adaptable bookshelf by modifying its size and skin. To the users’ delight, they simply have to copy-paste the embed bookshelf code on their HTML file and there it is ready for display on the website.

Readers enjoy as much sophistication to enhance their experience. This embedded bookshelf allows them to modify the bookcase skin color and stick to one that is most befitting for reading. That’s not all! They can go on to share their joy of reading directly on social media.

Market experts feel that with such versatile picks in its embedded bookshelf, AnyFlip has actually surpassed the expectations of both publishers and readers.

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