Freemax Starre pro Sub Ohm Tank for Heavy Duty

Electronic cigarettes are in great usage these days considering their health benefits and utility advantages. Electronic smoking is getting more and more popular by the day because of close to real smoking appearance and experience and because it poses no threat to health like conventional smoking does. There has been observed a massive electronic cigarette wholesale in the recent past. An electronic cigarette is a battery powered chargeable electronic device that does not involve nicotine or tar as in the case of conventional cigarettes and completely uses liquid flavoring where steam acts as a replacement of smoke. Though most electronic cigarettes have a very basic and simple design there are some that have been made to stand apart the rest.

Freemax Starre Pro Sub Ohm Tank has been introduced as advanced form equipment for electronic cigarettes. It is an upgraded version of the Starre Tank and has a Ni 200 .25 Ohm temperature sensing wire and there is also a secondary 0.15 Ohm temperature sensing coil. It can be powered within a wide range from 20 Watts to 100 Watts. The fact that it is less than one Ohm and yet delivers heavy duty is why it is considered the best sub ohm tank.

First advantageous thing about the Freemax Starre pro Sub Ohm Tank is that it is very easy to refill. There is a cap on its top that can be spun opened easily. The windows of the tank are used to refill the liquid after which the cap can be placed tightly over the tank once again by spinning it on. Some other models have been complained about for not being leakage proof. These models did not have enough sealing. This model however comes with a perfect solution to this problem; it has a small hole on the top of the cap of the tank that prevents leakage of fluid.

Leakage is caused by the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the tank, the small hole on the top of the cap makes the pressure equal, both inside and outside the tank hence eradicating the possibility of leakage totally. Normally, such devices are not meant for usage inside a car, but the Freemax Starre pro Sub Ohm Tank has been designed in a way that it does not spill liquid inside the car. Additionally, the interior of the car can get very hot when parked in the sun with direct exposure, hence the device has been designed to withstand high temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius. 

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