A Mother Starts a Fundraising Campaign to Defeat Parental Alienation

Crystal Brazell has not seen her son since August 2014 due to parental alienation.  The last time she saw her son she dropped him off to his father’s parents after their summer vacation together. She did not know that this would be the last time she would hug and kiss her son for a long time.  Unfortunately sheisgoing through a difficult and highly emotional situation as she fights to gain back the custody of her 7 year old son from his father. Coping up with her financial constraints she has started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo for collecting money to hire a good lawyer.

In a heart wrenching letter that she is saving for her son, she apologizes to him for not being with him at this point of life when a child needs her mother the most. She expresses her disappointed that her son had to learn the hard lessons of life at such a tender age and watch his parents being separated from each other.

She is held back by money because of which she’s not able to hire a good lawyer to get her son back and feels really hurt that she is not able to do what she’s supposed to do.She is a hardworking mother who works extra hours for more income.

At the end of her letter she tells her son how much she loves him and can’t wait to see him again. Brazell will utilize the money raised from the campaign to obtain a lawyer and other formalities as the custody battles can be very expensive. She promises to utilize the entire amount to get her son back and donate the rest of the amount, if left, to someone else in similar situation.

Brazell would also like to start an organization to raise awareness of parental alienation.  She hopes that she can help parents who are going through the same situation as her.  Parental alienation is emotional abuse to both the child and the parent who is being alienated.

In this time of trouble, when there’s so much to cope with, she feels betrayed, victimized and not able be an active part in her child’s life. She could have drove to Wisconsin, where her son is living and take him home with her, but she wants to get him back in a responsible way. She does not want to create another traumatic event in her child’s life. Once she goes through the case successfully, she hopes to put her son in therapy and start over a new life for her, keeping a focus on his son’s happiness. She will also ensure that her child has a relationship with both parents, as well, as each family. 


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