New book arrives just in time to help this year’s college freshman girls get ahead of the curve and stay there

Indigo Klabanoff learned a lot her first year in college. Since then she has spent a lot of time thinking, “If only I had known then what I know now”. That inspired her to write a book about her first-year experience. “Every Girl’s Guide to College” has just been released to help the freshman class become accustomed to new schools, new dorms, new habits and new friends. It is available in paperback at Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble and through the website

Indigo says she had no guidance her first year in college and a book like the one she has just written would have been a big help. The book transitions students into the college atmosphere with easy to read tips which encourage the new student not to be afraid to learn from obstacles and mistakes.  It is not written anywhere that anyone is perfect, and the author insists that, “Doing things that make you happy and being yourself is what is perfect.” The tips in the book are a combination of things Indigo learned personally her first year in college and others that were passed along by some of the friends she made that year.

“Every Girl’s Guide to College” begins with a little unsolicited advice which Indigo is convinced never hurt anyone and proceeds through a list of subjects which are sometimes mystifying. There are chapters on how to find one’s classes and the most productive class behavior, dorm essentials, the good and bad in roommates and how to deal with both, how to solve immediate problems such as not having enough money, and how to navigate partying, dating and relationship in a safe and fun way.

Most freshmen manage to muddle through somehow, but Indigo Klabanoff has written “Every Girl’s Guide to College” to help smooth the way.

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