The Beginners Guide to Growing Sales and Customer Loyalty with Call Recording — White Paper Download

Irvine, California – August 17th, 2015 – How to use call recording in your business, and some simple steps and exercises to help you improve sales and customer loyalty.  

We hear a lot about call recording, in the past it was reserved for large call centers and those with enough staff to manage and monitor. However, the cost to implement call recording over the last decade has dramatically come down and these recording services are popping up everywhere.

If you are a small or medium sized business, you may have purchased a recorder or you may be in research mode looking to implement one. You see the benefits most call recording companies spout off: you can reduce liability, eliminate the he-said she-said, train your sales team and improve customer service.

These all sound like great benefits, but how on earth do you even accomplish this? The liability and he-said she-said scenarios are fairly simple, the recordings are there, you search and find them, play them back, and hear the full interaction and learn who said what. But, the training your sales team and improving customer service… this is one that throws most businesses for a loop.

Training and improving customer service can be complicated, and it seems there are a lot of opinions on the subject. There are some bells and whistles and graphs and speech analytics, but most small and medium sized businesses do not have the resources nor the cash flow to implement these systems. So let’s try and keep it simple. In this white paper produced by Versadial Solutions, we tackle the sales training and improving customer service by only using a call recorder. No bells, no whistles, just call recording and some determination and dedication by you.

I stress, this is not a one-all white paper that will answer all of your questions. But, this is a great beginner’s step and guide into the world of call recording and training your employees.

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