New One-Stop Resource for Fantasy Football Will Provide Deep Insights and the Latest Information

Fantasy football is an activity that millions of sports fans engage in on a daily basis. This sport has grown into a multi-billion industry that fuels enthusiasm for America’s most beloved pastime. There are many online sites available to fantasy football enthusiasts, but most of these are merely platforms for corporate entities who want to market their products. Instead of inadequate websites that offer only superficial details about players and teams, a new online site known as WikiPigskin will provide incisive analysis about player performances, robust community discussions as well as the latest player projections and rankings from across the league.

Forbes predicts that the fantasy football industry will soon top $70 billion in revenue in the coming years. While much of this will come from traditional leagues and monetization, there are a number of emerging programs that should entice casual and hardcore participants like Daily Leagues, automated feedback and mobile betting. These new wrinkles suggest that fantasy football will continue to evolve dynamically in the years to come, and it will take a truly dedicated group of developers like WikiPigskin to keep up.

WikiPigskin is currently in beta testing and has already generated considerable interest from veteran fantasy footballers. Visitors can experience WikiPigskin at In order to complete the production process, the WikiPigskin team will need $13,750. To raise these funds, WikiPigskin has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for supporting this important campaign, backers can receive perks like T-shirts, yearlong memberships, five year memberships, or ten year memberships.

To learn more about WikiPigskin or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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