offers YouTube tools to play the videos repeatedly and to convert favorite YouTube videos

17 August, 2015 – Indonesia – It’s true that the popular video sharing site called YouTube has remained your favorite for many years as it helps you watch your favorite video clips of movies, trending videos, funny clips or any favorite music files for free. However, most of the music lovers or movie buffs like you would agree that you wish to view some video clips repeatedly to get that trending punch lines your favorite actor has said or romantic dialogues in a famous movie or to get the verses correctly or to learn the lyrics of any foot tapping song that you play on YouTube.

On some occasions you would love to convert some of the top trending video clips or mostly viewed video clips or music files to some other file format that is supported by your PC or hand held device. You need not hunt anywhere for such conversion tools as now has the perfect solution just for you.

 The site is a best location to find some of the advanced YouTube tools as the site is loaded with four main features. The major features which this free online service specializes in helping you repeat YouTube clips of varied types, download or convert YouTube videos that do not have a copyright. The tools offered by this site would help in converting any video or music files which are non-copyrighted to MP4, MP3 or FLV file format. There is also an audio editor that would help in editing your video or audio file that you have downloaded to make changes in the preferred area. Another area of mention about vidtunez site is that it would tell you when you use the convert tool they offer you need just 5 minutes or less time to convert the videos to MP3 format to complete the task of file conversion. This time gap can get even lesser based on the audio quality of the video or audio file you wish to convert.

You need not have any concerns about converting the video or repeating a YouTube video even if you are going to use it for the first time as the site of has the step by step instructions for you to convert the YouTube files in to MP3 video files or FLV video formats. The steps are simple to understand that you can convert a file right after reading it once. The site lets you convert the audio or video file on its site by asking you to just paste the url of the specific video or audio to convert it in to a high quality, medium quality or low quality video or audio clip.


The online service also helps you create repeat playlist with a list of YouTube videos and the number of times each video must be repeated while playing it. The site of vidtunez is designed with fully functional features supported by a minimalist design that makes it very simple and easy while using.


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