launches first eAuction and classified listings marketplace for Salvage, Scrap & Idle Assets

Established on the concept of “one man’s trash is an another man’s treasure”, newly launched e-auction and classified listings marketplace to buy or sell salvage, scrap & idle assets is a first-of-its-kind website that enables people to sell their unwanted goods online; in a convenient and profitable manner. provides a platform for online Forward Auctions to facilitate the transparent and efficient buying and selling of damaged, distressed, obsolete, old, rejected, abandoned, second hand or otherwise unwanted assets alongside capital equipment, cargo and merchandise. It also provides a Reverse eAuction platform for the procurement and supply of goods and services to various industries.

eAuction portal website spokesperson explained the role of technology and digital communications in revolutionizing how things are bought and sold, he said: “Digital communication is one of the biggest ways of communication these days. This channel of communication provides the desired customers to the suitable vendors, and the desired goods to the customer in need. There is no need for a face-to-face communication in this e-savvy world; you can sell your idle assets and salvage just by sitting at your home and having a cell phone or tablet in the hands. Just a photo click, specifications described on an e-commerce website and there are thousands of buyers ready to take your undesired salvage.”

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE hopes to lead the “Digital Green” revolution by providing people with a space that allows them to list, showcase and attract buyers for their used and unwanted items that would otherwise be discarded; old gadgets, damaged building materials, used appliances, unwanted clothing items are few of such items. The idea for creation of the first eAuction and classified listings marketplace for salvage, scrap and buying or selling idle assets came from Anshul Gupta, a Chartered Accountant with years of experience in optimizing the value of damaged or idle assets. Motivated by the concept, he assembled a group of professionals that are now team

To list and showcase items, sellers have to register on the website and become a member. Similarly, buyers also have to become members on the website to participate in the salvage eAuctions. The website currently boasts of over 10,000 registered buyers.


Founded in 2007, is a pioneer in the professional disposal of salvage and scrap. Via its eAuctions and online listings, has helped insurance and manufacturing industries to maximize recovery and minimize loss from salvage. The firms’ success is reflected in the excellent results it has achieved thus far; it now handles multi-million dollars’ worth of auctions every year.

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