Comprehending The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Losing your Christian faith and ways and developing an addiction to alcohol is only the beginning of troubles.
Regarded as the world’s most popular legal drug, alcohol has claimed many lives and even more relationships. When alcohol is taken in controlled or minimal amounts, it is not harmful, in fact it is said to be quite beneficial to the human body with regards to digestion matters. However, large and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol can be very dangerous, fatal even.

Losing your Christian faith and ways and developing an addiction to alcohol is only the beginning of troubles. To capture just how serious uncontrolled consumption of alcohol can be, we will look at the effect of alcohol in two categories; long term and short term.

Short Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Temporary amnesia or blackouts are associated with alcohol abuse. This is a more immediate effect drawn from consumption of alcohol in great quantities, usually referred to as binge drinking. A person tends to lose memory of what they did and this can be detrimental to them. For example if the said person engaged in sexual or drug related activities, they probably won’t recall such engagements and call for immediate medical check-ups.

Alcohol impairs rational judgment and this can lead a person, a drunken person, to make decisions that may cause problems with the law and local authorities. For example, a drunken person may think that they are fit to drive. Not only is this against the law but also a danger to human life.

From a Christian perspective, alcohol abuse is normally associated with bad company. Such company makes a person slowly drift from their Christian ways and teachings.

Another short term effect of alcohol is alcohol poisoning. The chemical component, ethanol, present in alcohol is deadly especially when consumed in large quantities in a short period of time. It has depressant properties that directly affect the central nervous system making the body unable to function properly. Death, at this point, is inevitable or if one is lucky, they will get into a comatose state.

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

One inevitable effect of alcohol abuse is ruined relationships. Alcohol abuse is bound to ruin all good relationships you have in your life. Be it your Christian relationship with Christ and fellow Christians or personal relationships, like marriage and friendships, you can trust that these will be damaged.

Financial woes also come knocking because an alcohol addict cannot control how they spend their money. It’s normal to see an addict use most of their income on alcohol and other related activities that come with it.

Long term alcohol abuse can cause health problems to the user. Liver cirrhosis and hepatitis are just a few of such problems.

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