10 Reasons to Believe You Are Amazing

This isn’t a secret, but the most important thing to keep in mind is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Progressing through a rehabilitation and treatment program will be similar to taking a ride on the Titan at Six Flags. There are going to be great achievements along the journey, but toilsome and upstream challenges will accompany.

This isn’t a secret, but the most important thing to keep in mind is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There will be far better positive outcomes than negative. Some of these include; uncovering one’s true self, discovering likes and dislikes, and determining where a recovering addict wants their life to go.

There will be ditches throughout and within recovery that will seem impossible to climb out of, but the most important facet for a recovering addict most likely will be, they made the choice to seek help. They made it to the treatment facility and are continuing to better themselves. That alone is an amazing achievement. Keeping mentors and guidance counselors who will continuously encourage and motivate a recovering addict will allow them to conquer any obstacle.

A Recovered Addict is:

More than capable. Someone who has made it through a treatment program is capable of living a sober life. It’s important for a recovering addict to have faith in themselves and their ability to stay sober.

Strong enough to handle reality. A recovering addict has been imparted with knowledge and life tools that were taught so that success is an attainable and realistic goal. It’s as if through recovery the patient has been working out consistently so that by the time they are ready to leave, they are strong enough to take on anything.

Accomplished. Making it through a recovery program is challenging. After successfully completing the program, a recovery patient should have the confidence to take on reality. They did it!

Qualified. Choosing to enroll, making it to the end, and living a life of freedom is an achievement and absolutely something to be proud of. Shame shouldn’t be included in the equation. Someone who chooses to recover and successfully live a sober life is qualified to handle what life has to offer.

Justified. As much as this seems to be misunderstood amongst the community of addiction recovery is a means of justification so many enroll themselves in the state of low self worth, however the dues have been paid and justification should be a realization.

Well Equipt. The tools that an individual receives while at a treatment facility prepare them for life ahead. A few of these tools include healthy coping mechanisms and learning how to maintain nurturing, strengthening and lasting relationships.

Full of Integrity. A recovered addict will have learned great moral principles and have a better knowledge of moral uprightness.

Humble. Choosing to enroll can be a humbling process, but through the recovery experience, a person’s whole outlook on life can change. 70% of patients find religious values that stick post-treatment.

A role model for others. There is a niche group of people who look up to every successfully recovered addict. It’s been said 10 times and can stand to be said 10 more, completing the recovery program is something to be proud of. It’s an achievement that deserves proper praise.

Able to Persevere. Approximately 10% of adults have an addiction problem yet, only 13% reach out for help. That statistic alone is worrisome. The ability to persevere is established while at a rehab facility.

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