IIP goes international! This time in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

It is not every day that we have an indigenous photography institute that manages to break norms and shackles and take its very first leap to go international as promised. The Indian Institute of Photography does it and how! With a thorough intention to promote tourism in Bamyan, this endeavour involved the dynamic youth in it.

With sheer dedication and a keen eye on the goal, the reputed institute under the guidance of Mr. Rajesh Goyal spread its wings to spread art through photography. Just as they say that “the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”, this fire found its kindling with the support of the Bamyan Tourism Association (BTA), Aga Khan Foundation and also through the relentless support of the Directorate of Culture and Tourism of Afghanistan. And voila, we have the most successful undertaking of the project that commenced on 11th of May. This five-day workshop packed in top class tutelage and held its beacon of light for over a hundred enthusiastic learners.

The photography workshop in Bamyan had been the first ever and held immense amount of promise. Bamyan provided excellent framework and the perfect opportunity for students and the visiting dignitaries as it is hailed as the cultural capital for the SAARC. With it, the IIP foundation too coined its presence in an international event of such stature. The lauded 66 pictures shot by the IIPians got full display at the SAARC cultural festival at Bamyan.

Five straight days of pure adulation and mesmerising photography kept the students enthralled. The certification ceremony which was held with the closure of the event on the 15th of May gave the students much to write home about. Pictures of the rare and exciting workshop had been posted in the social platform Facebook giving photography enthusiasts an amazing insight into the successful event.

As the learned point out, what begins correct reaches its end with aplomb too, likewise the event had been kick started with the auspicious hands of its creator Mr Rajesh Goyal who personally engaged to encourage the naive students. The final exhibition of the event awestruck all the participating people as the pictures henceforth spoke for themselves at SAARC CULTURAL FESTIVAL held at Bamyan in month of June 2015. Nature captured in pure bliss and the Buddhist figurines with its serenity stole the heart of everyone.

As the camp was wrapped up, it was a sense of déjà vu for some and a pang of sadness for some, since students loved it to bits and wished for more. Much of the success can be easily accredited to the mentor Mr. Harish Jaiswal who followed the specially designed IIP course to impart to the students and also the amazing potential of the students who took part in the event.

The stage has been set and the path illuminated! IIP strives now to make more of such events a success in the future, the plans of which now could be in the nascent stage but would soon be fruitful. The institute has also accepted the proposal to open IIP in Bamyan.

Log on to http://www.indianinstituteofphotography.com/afganworkshop, the online exhibition which has been marked ‘showcasing Afghanistan’ to check out the labour of love of the students. The same exhibitions will be held in cities of India starting soon.

For more info, please write to us at: info@iipedu.com

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