Strong Relationships May Help Curb Excessive Drinking, Says Chapters Capistrano

A recent study finds marriage may play a role in helping people reduce their drinking and adopt healthier habits, shares Chapters Capistrano.

Excessive drinking is an ongoing problem in the United States. As people engage in heavier drinking, it increases their risk of developing alcoholism and making risky decisions. However, a recent HealthDay article reveals that marriage may play a positive role in helping people to cut back on drinking. Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding the role of strong relationships in addiction prevention and recovery.

“For many, drinking is a way of self-medicating and trying to cope with challenging situations,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of Chapters Capistrano. “Having strong, healthy relationships can help people to be more accountable for their actions and provide them with the support they need for recovery. They know that they are not alone and others want to see them succeed.”

The study found that after marriage, some people’s drinking patterns changed and they actually drank less than before they were married. While researchers have not proven a direct cause-and-effect relationship, the results did show a positive link between the two situations. More research is necessary to determine how marriage affects drinking rates, but scientists do have some theories.

Matthew Lee, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri explains, “Confirming our prediction, we found that marriage not only led to reductions in heavy drinking in general, this effect was much stronger for those who were severe problem drinkers before getting married.” One theory is that marriage places new expectations and demands on each spouse. They have new roles to fulfill, and in doing so, they may in turn decrease their drinking.

“Drinking does not just affect one person,” says Shea. “It impacts their family, friends, and community as well. Marriage is a partnership and requires trust, respect, and communication. These can be key factors in talking to a loved one about their drinking and encouraging them to cut back or seek treatment for alcoholism. Take it one step at a time and let them know that you are there to support them along the way.”

Recognizing the impact that alcoholism has on families, Chapters Capistrano offers a family program to help everyone cope with the effects and move forward in building healthier relationships. “Having a strong support network is important, and marriage is one component that can play an integral role,” asserts Shea. “Help protect your future by seeking treatment if drinking becomes a problem.”


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