Domijump Becomes The Best Trampoline Supplier & Manufacturer In China

Zhejiang, China – August 18th, 2015 – Domijump, a longtime industry leader in the manufacturing and supplying of trampoline, is proud to announce that they have been nominated the best trampoline company in China. Under the leadership of Mr. Weng, the chief executive officer, the company has transformed into a multimillion dollar company by investing in quality production and testing equipments.

“It is through our award winning creative and dedicated team that we have been able to achieve this noble objective,” said Mr. Weng. “Our research and development team have been working around the clock to ensure that all our trampolines meet the global quality standards,” he added.

During the quality assessment that was conducted in the month of July, it was quite clear that their products met the desired quality standards. The products that were assessed by the quality evaluation team included the following:

1. Fully assembled trampolines; these included quite a number of designs such as the mini, rectangle and round trampoline. There are other designs that are still in the testing phase. The company is likely to introduce these trampolines before the end of the year.

2. The trampoline parts; all the components were evaluated individually through various tests. Some of these parts include, frame pads, jumping mats, ladders, springs, foam sleeves, safety nets and spring tools among other products.

According to this survey, it is quite clear that a number of factors have contributed to the success of this company in China. The reports obtained from the company indicate that the Domijump has been focusing on the following key aspects:

1. Quality; this is one aspect that has manifested itself across the board. With over 10,137 users interviewed during this period, Domijump products maintained an average score of 9.67/10. The low maintenance costs have been attributed as one of the key aspects. This is one of the highest score ever registered in this industry. This number is just but, a fraction of people who own these products.

2. Performance; these trampolines are robust and adaptable. This is one of the main reasons why it can be integrated with other trampoline parts. This helps to consolidate and upgrade the trampoline. This depends on the main target or objectives of the end users.

3. Innovation; during the press conference, Mr. Weng reiterated that technology and innovations are the key pillars for the success of the company. This is a key tool when it comes to product differentiation. The trampolines that are manufactured by Domijump are unique. Their performance is noticeable. The company has also invested in testing laboratories, research & development.

“A product that speaks for itself is what we strive for” Mr. Weng said. “That’s why we are prepared to invest more in this industry,” he added. Mr. Weng sentiments were quite clear when the customer relationship and service was analyzed. Over 93% of the customers who were interviewed we happy with the products that the company supplies.

About Domijump

This is the best trampoline and trampoline parts manufacturer and supplier in China. The company was established in 2006 and it has expanded over the years. As at 2015, the company registered sales of over 5 million dollars.

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