“The Ultimate Guide to Singing for a Living”, provides inspiration to become a performer

The newly launched book “The Ultimate Guide To Singing For A Living: All you need to know to get started with a career on the stage”, as the name suggests is a book for those having a passion for singing and looking to become a fully fledged performer in the competitive world of entertainment.

The book by Andrea McCormack, promises to provide the right direction to approach that goal and inspiration needed to pursue it. Through this book, the readers will be able to explore and discover the kind of singer they are, the tools and equipment needed to get into this trade, ways to promote their act in the best possible way and how to create their own bookings as well as through agencies.

The book not only informs about singing related stuff, but also highlights the importance of personal grooming, health and fitness in the process of becoming a star performer. With the detailed information about accounts, finances and commissions, the reader will be able to manage the money matters associated in choosing singing as a career.

The artist development, future progression, insurance and legal stuff related information in the book, makes sure the artist has all the information needed in the process. In short, the book provides the all over knowledge to the reader for becoming successful in this field and promises that after reading this book, the artists will discover a new confidence and path to achieve their goal.

The book, best suited for those willing to be singer/entertainers is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats and soon will be available on Audible and iTunes. It also received great reviews from the readers; one of the Amazon users, Leona, said “It had lots of really useful advice and tips for working in the singing industry as a professional. Highly recommended.”

About the Author:

Author Andrea McCormack has been an entertainer for past 20 years and has performed multiple shows in UK and abroad. Through this book she wishes to share her experiences to the present generation of future entertainers who may or may not want to be famous but have the ultimate goal of singing for a living and doing what they love.

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