AnyFlip Released a Series of Yoga Flipping Books for Yoga Enthusiasts

It’s a fresh thing for people to read a Yoga flipping book which provides stunning page turning effect.

Most people from the digital publishing arena are well aware of AnyFlip’s worldwide recognition for its classy flipping book publishing software. However, this Hong Kong based IT services provider agency has a “healthy reason” this time to get into news. Flipping pages of a digital Yoga magazine is the new vogue these days, all because of AnyFlip website which is a subject of attention for Yoga enthusiasts from around the globe. These men and women are elated with the digitally inspired and lucratively presented Yoga Journal on AnyFlip website.

The Yoga Journal already has a large readership in world given the elevated craze for this ancient naturopathic science from India. So it is welcome for every regular reader to find his or her preferred content in digitalized flipping book form. Evidently, a publisher has optimally used AnyFlip’s flipping book creator and its features to publish the journal, offering it free to read for the eBook readers.

Company’s marketing rep has his say about this extraordinary identity. He goes on to explain, “It is delightful to see that AnyFlip has more reasons to popularize digital publishing than we thought. Yoga is a well-accepted trend today and therefore yoga practitioners are open for new content around the subject. We credit it to the publisher’s innovation to have used AnyFlip originated flipping book software to push various issues of Yoga Journal online. This ways, the magazine from doorsteps has reached desktops, laptops and hit mobile phones to best of readers’ convenience.”

Multiple editions of the Yoga flipping book are seen organized in a bookshelf on AnyFlip website. This facility is one of the many awe-inspiring features of AnyFlip’s digital publisher, giving readers the sensation of picking one from bunch of books arranged in apple-pie order. Every copy of the flipping book covers valuable information for Yoga practitioners as well as for general readers. Its availability in digital form endorses more lucidity of the trend.

Readers can find the Yoga Journal editions by clicking on the link:

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