How to Handle an Air Conditioning Emergency in Excessive Heat

Don’t panic if you run into an air conditioning emergency in the hot Arizona summer months. Follow these steps to get the situation handled quickly.

Having an air conditioner go out during an excessive heat wave can be dangerous. Those of us living in the Phoenix area know all too well how critical a working air conditioner is during the hot summer months.

Jay Miller is an air conditioning expert from Glendale, Arizona and owner of Arizona Accurate. He says there are a few important steps to take if your air conditioner stops working during an excessively hot summer.

Miller says check the circuit breaker first to see if the switch controlling the air conditioning unit has been tripped. If it has, flip it all the way to the “off position” then back on. When the temperature rises to 110 degrees and above, it can put a heavy load on your unit’s energy demand.

If you’ve checked the circuit breaker and everything looks normal, it’s time to contact an air conditioning company that performs emergency repairs.

“We don’t advise trying to fix the issue yourself if you are not an expert in air conditioning repair,” Miller says. “You could end up damaging the unit further, or injuring yourself. Not only is there a risk of electrocution, but many of the components will be very hot from sitting out in the sun.”

Arizona Accurate is a company offering emergency air conditioning repair in Glendale, AZ. They frequently respond to emergency air conditioning breakdowns in the summer.

Miller says another pitfall people end up in is calling a company that will mark up their prices excessively in an emergency situation.

“It’s always a good idea to call a company you know you can trust,” Miller says. “Some companies out there will take advantage of customers by exploiting the situation for financial gain.”

Arizona Accurate has a flawless record of honest, affordable pricing. The company is prepared to respond to emergency situations day and night.

To learn more about Arizona Accurate or how to handle and emergency situation, call 602-547-1598. 

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