Schoenwetter RxQ Antioxidant Complex Reports Positive User Experience

SAN PEDRO, CA – August 18, 2015 – Schoenwetter Supplements, LLC announced today that users of its RxQ Antioxidant Complex are experiencing positive effects from the formulation.  Amid strong sales growth of the product, RxQ users report improved energy levels and increased alertness, among other benefits. The unique, patent-pending RxQ was developed by Phillip E. Schoenwetter, MD after years of extensive scientific research into the bodily effects of antioxidant deficiency and assessment of available treatments. 

“You really only see what antioxidants do for the body when you take them away,” said Dr. Schoenwetter.  “When they’re working, it’s nothing short of miraculous – thousands of metabolic pathways in the body are interconnected, making possible robust health and strong mental states.  When they’re in low supply, you see what the kind of pervasive poor health that’s crippling so many people in America today.”

Users are enthusiastic about RxQ, with Rosemary Anderson of California stating, “Since I began taking RxQ Antioxidant Complex four months ago, my energy level is much higher.  I’ve noticed I am sharper and more alert.  My breathing feels a lot better too.  What I love most about the product is that it doesn’t hurt my stomach like other supplements have in the past.  I highly recommend this product.” Another user, named Michael, commented, “It took me two bottles of RxQ to start seeing and feeling the difference.  My leg was always swollen and had to take water pill daily.  After taking RxQ for two months, the swelling has gone down.  I walk better and even the texture of my skin feels better.  I wouldn’t go without my RxQ Antioxidant Complex.”

RxQ Antioxidant Complex brings together a bandwidth of antioxidant functions which cannot be duplicated by any single type or class of compounds.  Antioxidants are chemical compounds made in nature that are necessary for human health. However, their presence in the human body can be depleted by the effects of air pollution such as fumes, dust, allergens, ozone, or radon at home or work.  RxQ solves a basic problem with antioxidants, which is that direct ingestion of them often does nothing.  For example, direct ingestion of glutathione, an essential antioxidant, only leads to breakdown during digestion and doesn’t arrive in the blood stream as glutathione. RxQ stimulates the body’s natural production of glutathione.*

Dr. Schoenwetter, who has been practicing medicine in San Pedro for 35 years, previously served as a physician in the US Navy.  He served on tours of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Indian Oceans with a Naval Destroyer Squadron. 

*Disclaimer: The statements and information contained in this press release have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products featured in this news release are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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