National Plea: Community Center Trying to Rehire Beloved Teacher

Hot Springs Community Learning Center in N.C. turns to crowdfunding in attempt to bring back one of its favorite instructors.

Crowdfunding has become immensely popular over the past few years. It has become a successful way for start-up businesses to launch, musicians to fund recording projects and tours, and for authors to have their works published.

Many independent movies have been all or partially financed through crowdfunding. It has also provided revenue for many worthy social causes.

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The Community Learning Center in Hot Springs, N.C., is finding another avenue for this type of fundraising. Staff and students at the center are trying to raise enough money to rehire one of their favorite teachers, Ms. Lisa.

“We hired Ms. Lisa three years ago as our math and music teacher,” explains Hot Springs Community Learning Center Program Administrator Deborah DeLisle. “But what we got with her was so much more.

“With her unique, heartfelt guidance and extensive knowledge of music and movement, we have not only shared magical times together, we have created shows throughout the year for our families and the whole community to enjoy.

“This year’s budget cuts have made it impossible for our school to keep Ms. Lisa as our teacher. Our school year starts Aug. 17 and we need her to help us learn our math concepts and cultural studies.”

So DeLisle has launched a Kickstarter campaign titled “We Want Our Music and Movement Teacher Back.” Its goal is to raise $5,000 and can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome but the center is also offering a number of perks to encourage contributions. For $25, backers will receive a piece of homemade children’s artwork and a ticket to all three of the center’s shows during the 2015-2016 school year: the Appalachian Heritage Festival, Winder Holiday Gathering and Trailfest.

A $50 pledge is rewarded with all of the above plus the center’s 2016 calendar. For $500, you can get the artwork, shows and your name (or business name) on a homemade wooden plaque to be posted in the Community Learning Center garden.

“We are a nonprofit community learning center in the Appalachian mountains serving children 3-12 years old with preschool and after-school programs as well as summer camps,” says DeLisle. “We provide all the services that support a healthy, active learning mind and body by accessing the resources all around us, including well-educated and experienced teachers who love children with all their hearts.

“Ms. Lisa loved the children and they loved her. We’re hoping people will find it in their hearts to help us bring her back.”

For further information, visit; the Hot Springs Community Learning Center (HSCLC) website,; or the HSCLC Facebook page,

DeLisle can be reached directly at

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