Counseling Younger Generations about Drug and Substance Abuse are great ways of getting the message across

Counseling them from an early age will empower the younger generation to be fully aware of the ill effects of alcohol and drug abuse.
The issue of drug abuse among younger generations is a serious cause of concern. Not only does it impact their health in adverse ways from a very tender age, it also hinders healthy growth and development of their minds.

This may lead to serious problems throughout their lives. So, the younger generation needs to be counseled about drug abuse thoroughly to protect them against such instances. Counseling them from an early age will empower the younger generation to be fully aware of the ill effects of alcohol and drug abuse.  This will go a long way in helping them stay away from the drugs and substance abuse.

Counseling them through an open-minded discussion

An open-minded discussion works best with the younger generation. Long lectures don’t get very far. They must be counseled through an interactive conversation so that they have ample scope of sharing their views. Not only that, the teenagers must also be encouraged to voice out any questions or opinions. This type of counseling is considered very constructive and it can effectively tackle the issue of drug abuse among younger generations.

Citing examples of drug abusers

A proper counselor must emphasize relevant examples. If the counseling session is held at school or home, the counselor must cite examples of persons with whom the teenagers/young people can relate to. The examples must be referred to in a positive way. For instance, it’s good to let them know of people who were once under the influence of drugs but eventually got rid of the addiction to come out successful in their lives. The life stories of eminent personalities who once faced the problem of drug abuse make fine examples in this regard.

Advise them on how to overcome peer pressure

Often the younger generation abuses drugs under the influence of their friends. So in course of the counseling, they must be advised on how to turn down such offers of taking drugs and how to deal with the peer pressure.

Strong reasons on why not to abuse drugs

The younger generations must be counseled by informing them about the adverse effect of drugs on the physical and mental health. Further, the counselor must also stress on the fact that drug abuse can lead to depression, mental imbalance and ruining a healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell, they must be given enough reasons to make a case about the dangers of drug abuse.


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