IES COMMUNICATIONS Highlights Architecture Solutions with The Vision Project

IES Effort to Highlight Compelling Architects Solutions

Dallas, TX – IES Communications is announcing a unique website and marketing effort to highlight how architects, working closely with clients, overcame substantial and often contradictory business requirements producing unique and complimentary spaces to help their clients grow and encourage them to achieve their aspirations.

Through the use of video to tell the stories, the website ( will come together over the next 12 months to share solutions that enriched clients and their businesses. Each story will include a small digital marketing campaign to ‘get the word out’.

Robert Gosse, Branch Manager for IES Communications and responsible for driving The Vision Project, was an early supporter of the concept. “IES Communications is not your average communication and low-voltage wiring vendor,” Robert explains. “Actually, we are part of a half a billion-dollar company (IES) and have the unique position to get involved with projects that are visionary. Architecture is going through a tough time right now with public perception. We have an inside seat and know that amazing solutions architects are delivering right now. The Vision Project is our effort to get the news out.”

IES Communications has available openings in their schedule for new architects and their firms to be included. “We have architect contacts, but The Vision Project is not only about what our slice of partners has accomplished,” Robert goes on to say. “Rather, it is an opportunity to highlight architects we don’t know, and projects we are not aware of by forging new relationships with firms we have never met. We just want to highlight architects and how they bring incredible value through The Vision Project.”

If your architects and architecture firm have stories which highlight the benefits of working with architects, please contact IES Communications (Carlyle Ashcroft).

About IES Communications:

IES Communications designs, builds and maintains communications systems for Fortune 500 companies and independent businesses. With licenses all across America, an exemplary safety record and a scalable workforce, IES can serve your needs locally, regionally and nationally.

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