From the hills of Scotland to the Madhouse – Christopher Lambert’s performance in the upcoming biopic 10 Days In A Madhouse is being called his best performance in years

“Christopher Lambert turns in a great performance in the upcoming (theaters Nov 20th) 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE – THE NELLIE BLY STORY.”
Fans love him for his action-packed adventure films, but Christopher Lambert has got some serious acting chops. Catch him in 10 Days in A Madhouse — The Nellie Bly Story in US theaters on November 20th.

Almost three decades ago, Christopher Lambert won the hearts of audiences around the world in the cult classic sci-fi film Highlander, opposite Sean Connery, Roxanne Hart and Clancy Brown. Fans everywhere went crazy for Lambert as Connor “Highlander” MacLeod, and his movie star status was sealed. Lambert also starred in the sequels Highlander II: The Quickening and Highlander: The Final Destination.

In 1995, Lambert once again made film history when he joined the cast of Paul Anderson’s Mortal Kombat. The movie was a smash box office hit, bringing in over $120 million dollars. Reviews called it the best and most realistic adaption of a video game ever made, a statement that many will stand by to this day.


Lambert is also known for his starring role in Greystoke: The Legend of TarzanLord of the Apes, as well as his role in the French film Subway which earned him a César Award for Best Actor in 1986. The César Awards are the French equivalent to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Oscars.

Lambert’s impressive credentials have landed him a part in the much anticipated Coen Brothers film Hail Caesar!, set to release in 2016.The musical has an all-star cast including Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fieness, Jonah Hill, George Clooney and Josh Brolin.

In 2009, Lambert worked with a renowned French director on White Material, to which he said “I wanted to do different movies. I wanted to do deeper movies. More human movies based on human feelings.”

His transition away from action blockbuster hits continues with his role in the upcoming biopic 10 Days In A Madhouse. Lambert stars as the main antagonist Dr. Dent, opposite newcomer Caroline Barry. The epic art-house film is set in 1887 and follows the true story of Nellie Bly as she pretends to be insane in order to infiltrate and expose an infamous women’s asylum in New York. Bly lives in the mental institution for ten days where she witnesses abuse, violence and even murder.

Upon her release she reports to the world the truths inside the madhouse. With her heroic undercover journey, Bly opened the dialogue for a very important conversation about how we should treat the mentally ill. This is a debate we are still talking about today.

Industry insiders who have screened the film at The Cannes Festival and Bentonville Film Festival earlier this summer have applauded Lambert’s portrayal of Dr. Dent, the head of the insane asylum.

Many have called it his best performance in years, as well as one of his most important roles ever. Director Timothy Hines is happy for the opportunity to work with such an esteemed actor, saying “it’s rare to find someone who is able to give so many different takes, who can transform a performance in a matter of seconds. As an audience, we are supposed to ‘hate’ Dr. Dent because of his role in the story, but Lambert humanized the character in such a way so that Nellie isn’t just going up against an ‘evil’ villain. Instead, she’s facing an entire corrupt system that Dr. Dent represents. He’s just a man trying to do his job, and audiences are able to see that.”

Kelly Le Brock (Weird Science) and Julia Chantrey (Mean Girls, Mama) also star. 10 Days In A Madhouse – The Nellie Bly Story will open in US theaters on November 20th.

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