AnyFlip Ascertains SEO Friendly Flipbooks, an Unprecedented Facet

With AnyFlip, people can customize Meta settings and create pure text versions for their flipbooks to make them SEO friendly.

Content in any form gets the well deserved attention only when it ranks high in leading search engines like Google. This predominant aspect recurrently tempts entrepreneurs, marketers and publishers to adopt a dedicated search engine optimization or SEO strategy. A Hong Kong based IT services agency named AnyFlip has superseded this view by enabling SEO friendly attributes for digital content too.

AnyFlip is a globally acclaimed company for its flipbooks making tool which has many unique characteristics. This flipbook generator is the online software which proffers sophisticated and media rich characteristics to help publishers invigorate their monotonous content, like PDF files, and digitalize it with lucrative animations and a flip-page effect.

However, software designers of the company have walked extra miles by ensuring the digital content is SEO friendly as well. This feature is seen as an unprecedented facet and has largely added to the popularity of AnyFlip’s flipbook maker or digital publishing software.

When the design department of the agency was asked to throw more light on this, a key member said, “Search engine crawlers can aptly detect digital content which is why transforming PDF files into digitalized form is so significant. The SEO friendly attributes in our software mean a lot to the publishers! They can set HTML Meta settings for their flipbooks which is apparently a handy feature because flipbooks with friendly Meta settings can be indexed in search engines thereby elevating their visibility.”

A digital publisher and SEO expert adds here, “When a flipbook is exported in HTML format, AnyFlip software’s rare facet produces a text-pure HTML file. Why this has a special mention is because as soon as the flipbook gets published online, it becomes easier to be searched by Google.”

Another noteworthy reason to have appealed publishers world-wide is simplicity; AnyFlip has evaded any process complexity and so even a layman can produce SEO friendly flipbooks or eBooks with AnyFlip the software.

Details about this unique feature can be had over here:

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