Strength Based Spiritual Recovery Discusses Using SMART Recovery

SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, and is based around empirical, scientific evidence that supports recovery patients.
The SMART Recovery platform makes that project a little easier.

Everyone facing the prospect of addiction recovery wants to make the smartest, most effective decision for a recovery treatment program.  SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, and is based around empirical, scientific evidence that supports recovery patients.  As science changes so does the SMART program.  It’s refreshingly transparent and open, leading patients down a path of change that mirrors their own wants and needs, and depends upon each patient to lead their own recovery.  The SMART program supports those who want to recover from addictive behaviors of many types (substance and activities).  

The SMART program is used world-wide, so people in recovery can always find a meeting when they are on travel.  There are also daily online meetings, an online chat room, and online message boards.  SMART is built around four points, which seem to be very simple, but are actually at the root of the addict’s journey to sobriety.  The program starts by asking about motivation and the reasons the attendee has to bring about change in his life.  Then skills, which have proven in scientific testing to assist in recovery and maintaining sobriety, are taught to help cope with urges and control emotions, mental processes and actions.  Indeed, these are skills which would benefit most of us and lead to the fourth point in the SMART platform, leading a healthy and happy life.  The key to maintaining a focus on the goals that lead the addict to sobriety is the ability for the addict to truly rely upon themselves.

Focusing primarily on self-directed change, the SMART program gives a sense of autonomy that some find lacking in the traditional 12 step programs.  The SMART focus is on the addict’s ability to make changes in and for his own life, and supports the correct use of medically assisted addiction management tools and psychological tools.  There is great power in autonomous choice, and in the ability each of us has to change his or her own life.  In this sense, the SMART program is significantly different from the 12 step programs that are commonly thought of as the only post-recovery addiction treatment resource.  SMART is another way to approach the need for ongoing support and reinforcement of tools and behaviors that will encourage sobriety.  The fact that the SMART program is designed to grow and change with scientific growth and learning makes it a partnership that can evolve as an addict’s needs change over the course of his life.


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