Why Detox and Rehab Treatment Should Be Customized for Each Individual

Addiction is one of the most rising issues the society faces today.
According to a recent survey only 1 out of 20 individuals successfully end up recovering from their addiction by subscribing to a rehabilitation program.

Addiction is one of the most rising issues the society faces today. It has encouraged the development of more effective and comprehensive rehabilitation services to assist drug addicts in recovering from addiction. But the results reveal that most rehab programs are ineffective and don’t achieve the desired results.

The biggest reason for the increased ratio of failure is that most detox and rehab centers take the same approach for every patient. Using customized Detox and rehab treatments can solve this problem as each patient would have a unique case. Custom designed programs are best for ensuring full recovery.

What are Individualized Programs?

Customized programs are basically the rehabilitation programs that are designed according to the needs, lifestyle, and type of addiction. The goal of such programs is to design an individualized treatment befitting the lifestyle of an individual. Such programs address the cause of addiction. Customized rehab programs try to understand the core reasons that forced an individual to become addicted to a certain substance and then these programs address those issues to make the process more effective and fruitful.

The rising popularity of customized rehab programs is a testament to this. The advantages of customized rehab programs include:

• It is ideal for people suffering from trauma
• It is easy to adhere to
• Restricts wastage of resources
• Is more ideal to determine the root causes of addiction
• More successful than traditional programs

People who have special needs:

People who are suffering from depression or other psychiatric conditions require individual attention. For such people mutual rehabilitation programs are not suitable as it becomes difficult for them to focus on one problem when they are suffering from multiple.

Reducing Waste of Resources

A customized program covers only specific requirements of a patient. No resources and time is wasted on addressing other issues that have little or no effect on the treatment. For example, for people with an existing social support network, the need to provide skills to create a social network is redundant.

Addressing the Root Cause of Addiction

Each individual has a different story. One of the most significant parts of the treatment is to identify the cause of addiction. By targeting the root cause, it becomes easy for the patient to recover from addiction.


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