CASA Recovery Explains How to Choose a Good After Care Program

A treatment would need to span on a longer period of time if the person has been suffering from addiction for a long time.
Everybody has different needs and different reasons that led him/ her to their current situation.

When struggling with drug or alcohol addiction it’s very important to take a good amount of time and choose the best help there is. In general, a treatment would need to span on a longer period of time if the person has been suffering from addiction for a long time, but no matter the length of the program, aftercare programs are necessary for continued sobriety. A good program will be oriented around long term support and will make sure the patient is getting all the help needed in order to get over the reason for the substance abuse in the first place. Reasons for seeking the assistance of drugs to be a pain reliever or stress reliever can be childhood trauma, deep psychological feelings, emotional pain, or any other cause related to the addiction. That’s why a good after care program is crucial for the development of treatment and prevention of relapse.  

Some drug rehab programs include a plan for the period after the main treatment is over and the patient gets back home called, a discharge plan. This ensures that patients continue to get motivation and support to stay sober. Such a plan includes recovery services and support groups in the local community. This help is very important, especially in the beginning when the person is at a higher risk of starting again with addiction.

The help one might need after being treated in a rehab can be separated into several groups. The first one would be for the person to actively go to meetings with other recovering patients (also known as an Intensive outpatient program). This is a big commitment that takes a lot of time because meetings are held at least 3 days a week for 2-4 hours a day. The major focus on these meetings is relapse prevention.

Another helpful care would be individual or group counseling where people can understand the root cause of their addiction, repair their relationships, and also learn better coping methods.

There is another option that is called sober living and usually follows residential treatment. In a sober living environment the patient lives with other recovering addicts, which gives a good option for people who are worried that returning home may soon lead to relapse.

All these options need to be taken into consideration depending on one’s personal needs and depending on their case. The best option is to get advice from doctors and professionals working on with addiction. This is the a great way to know that the best option was chosen.


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