Tiny GPS tag helps you find anything or anyone and never needs charging

Versatile solar-powered GPS device is smaller than half a pack of gum and can be used for anything, from tracking lions to fitness.

On August 13, 2015 the father and son team behind the new tiny GPS tracker, LightBug, launched a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter to produce the first batch of devices. They were able to raise 30% of their £50,000 total in just 24h. The unit is designed to help anyone find their children, pets or stuff. Advertised as a versatile GPS tracker, it can also be used for fitness or even to help care for Alzheimer patients.

LightBug doesn’t need charging thanks to solar panels. It is both the smallest and lightest GPS tracker available today. The current price of £97 for the Bluetooth enabled version includes 2 years of data, making it significantly cheaper than its competitors. It is expected that the cost, small size, solar charging and ease of use will appeal to parents, pet lovers, fitness enthusiasts and forgetful people alike. 

Users simply attach LightBug to whatever they need to track and use the phone app to both configure alerts and locate it. Alerts can be setup for a wide range of things, such as proximity to the user’s phone. Proximity alerts detect if the device is no longer nearby (using Bluetooth) and will trigger automatic position updates. Alternatively, the user can draw areas on a map that are either “safe zones” or “danger zones” and receive notifications when boundaries are crossed. Other notification triggers include time of day, detection of a falls and speed.

LightBug knows where it is thanks to GPS satellites, with an accuracy of 50cm (1.6ft). It sends its location over the mobile phone network to the app and works anywhere in the world. The battery never needs charging as it has two tiny solar panels capable of charging the built-in battery, even indoors.

“We’ve squashed a mobile phone, low energy Bluetooth chip and high quality GPS antenna into a package smaller than most car key fobs,” says Chris Guest from the LightBug team. “David and I have been working on trackers for 8 years now, and we’re proud to present our best work yet: a device significantly smaller and more feature packed than anything out there already.”

Those interested can visit thelightbug.com  for more information, or visit the Kickstarter campaign to pre-order now.

About LightBug

LightBug is the latest product from a father & son team based in the UK, David and Chris Guest. They have been designing and manufacturing GPS tracking devices since 2006. Their trackers are now used globally and are known for their quality and ease of use. This quality was recognised early on and one of their units was chosen for a feature in the Gadget Show

Media Contact
Company Name: LightBug
Contact Person: Chris Guest
Email: pr@thelightbug.com
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1220510110/lightbug-cut-the-chase-never-lose-anything-or-anyo