Graham Maintenance Plumbing Corporation Advises How to Maintain Proper Plumbing in the House

Checking the pipes for the presence of leaks is important.
The maintenance costs required for a proper functioning plumbing system within a home can be easily done away with when the homeowner maintains consistent care.

With a few simple steps, homeowners can save themselves loads of money down the road.

Checking the pipes for the presence of leaks is important. Tiny leaks can develop within the faucets and pipes of a home and can lead to excessive flooding if not attended to instantly. This may result in considerable repair costs. So, it’s important to check the walls, basement, garages, and other cramped spaces forany signs of water leakage.

1) Proper draining and insulation: Before winter sets in, it’s important to drain any trapped water from the outdoor pipes and faucets as the water might freeze and subsequently expand causing cracks and busted pipes. Some ways to do this are:

• By disconnecting your garden hoses from the water supply and draining them.

• Using a hose rib and faucet cover to insulate them from freezing.

2) Waterproofing the trouble areas: Checking the areas containing exposed plumbing is another important step. One must ensure that the seals in doorways, vents and windows are tight. If not, the loose seals must be fixed with caulking to protect them from freezing. One must also repair broken window panes to avoid plumbing from coming in contact with freezing atmospheres which could eventually lead to expensive plumbing repairs.

3) Proper insulation of the exposed pipes: To make sure the pipes can withstand cold air and freezing temperature of the winter, it’s imperative to have them insulated properly. Doing something as simple as wrapping towels around the pipes or installing foam tubing can act as a proper insulation during chilly weather. Using heat tapes is another great way to protect the pipes from freezing away.

4) Indoor pipes must be kept warm: Although the plumbing problems are mainly due to outdoor pipes, it’s important for a homeowner to take care of the indoor pipes as well. Simple steps such as opening the cabinet doors and setting the thermostat at 55 degrees Fahrenheit could provide sufficient heat to the indoor pipes. Also, the faucets must be allowed to drip steadily when the temperature goes below 30 degrees Fahrenheit to protect the pipes from bursting and cracking.

5) Subscribe to a home plumbing maintenance program: As advised by residential plumbers, subscribing to a plumbing maintenance program and inspecting the pipes regularly can extend their longevity. A qualified plumbing service will give homeowners a peace of mind as the plumbing system of the home will be taken care of by licensed and qualified plumbers.

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