Psychics 4 Today Investigation Highlights The Top Two Phone Psychic Services

Psychics 4 Today helps people unstitch the techniques used by frauds to help genuine psychics stand out, and has published two new highly recommended services on their homepage after an investigation.

Psychics have been around for as long as there have been civilizations, and there seems to be a distinct pattern to their popularity. The last boom was in the 1920s, and we are currently preparing for another high spot, meaning many counterfeits are joining the race to exploit people’s growing appetites for universally intuited knowledge. Psychics 4 Today helps people tell the best from the rest with reviews, advice and editorials to help people prevent being stung by fakes. They have also just published their two best recommended psychic services on the homepage after a recent investigation into the industry.

The homepage, which is headed up with the five key signs of a fraudulent psychic to help people quickly and effectively dismiss the charlatans, now also has two companies recommended according to the team’s own extensive experience with their work.

The first of these is AskNow, which not only has an impressive selection of the world’s best mediums to connect with, but is also run superbly as a service. They offer psychic readings by phone or online chat, including the best love and relationship readings in the industry, all with a satisfaction guarantee.

The second is Psychic Source, which has been in business since 1989 and offers the widest variety of different readings, including mediumship, astrology and tarot. The site demands strict testing and application criteria for all its psychics, and can offer readings from just a dollar a minute.

A spokesperson for Psychics 4 Today explained, “It is not the intention of our website to discredit the entire discipline of real and reputable psychics. Rather, we are here to undermine and dismiss those who falsely claim to be psychics in order to extort people. There is a difference, and we see that difference every day in the work we do for the site. That’s why we felt it was important to include good examples people can trust.”

About Psychics 4 Today:

Psychics 4 Today is an online resource center designed to help the writers and researchers share their experiences with psychic readings, in order to help others avoid falling into the same traps and scams and avoid the mistakes. The site also alerts people to the genuine article when they find it, recommending individuals with a genuine approach to the art.

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