EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank, A Perfect ‘just in case’ External Battery Pack

HONG KONG, CN – August 20, 2015 – LED torch, ultra-slim design and Smart Technology, all synthesized in one, here is EasyAcc 2nd Generation Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank.

Here EasyAcc has a plethora of awesome items to choose from these days and it can get a little confusing when trying to choose the great one that can fit all you needs. To meet so many electronic geeks’ wants and needs, EasyAcc 10000CF comes first to face all EasyAcc fans.

This time, EasyAcc launches the brand-new 10000CF to update old version 10000mAh Power Bank, which tops at the best-seller list in these years. The powerbank itself is ultra slim so that it’s quite easy to carry it around with you. Sometimes, shoppers will be so confused that why the designers make such a huge and clumpy hulk? Lightweight and slim weigh more than powerful and thick! So the manufacturers get rid of the big housing and try their best in developing this ultra-item. With the dimension of 5.7*3*0.6 inches, it weighs only 8 ounces, which enables shoppers to carry it everywhere, even for a long time. Really it’s good news for those heavy cellphone users.

It has a really unique design for shoppers. The Power Bank has its power button at one end, which is not so easy to be found. After press the orange bulge, you will check how much power remains by four LED indicators. Here is also a small trick. If press the button twice, you will find it’s really great with a nice torch. The Power Bank has a handy flashlight at one end, which is great for those times shoppers are fumbling around in the dark. Try to figure out more features when using it.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of EasyAcc 10000CF Power Bank is the built-in Smart Technology that allows it to identify the type of device and send the suitable current. It can also distinguish the status of input or output port, and turn on and off intelligently. Actually, it must be the greatest feature which makes me put it in shopping list without hesitation. God knows how crazy to meet cables in a tangled mess. Smart Technology really helps solve this big problem indeed.

There are a plenty of good things about the Power Bank, please check here to find more: http://www.easyacc.com/226-power-bank

About EasyAcc

Headquartered in Hong Kong, EasyAcc is mainly engaged in handy electronic products and accessories with style, involving external batteries, Bluetooth devices, wireless storage, and cases for PC, tablets and cellphones, etc. In the pursuit of excellence, EasyAcc takes the “3G” core values, great products, great value and great service. Detailed speaking, EasyAcc never compromise on product qualities and continuously track client satisfaction or complains. With us, life is easy and simple.

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