John Herring Of Stamps Automotive Named Best-Selling Author

John Herring, Owner of Stamps Automotive, Auto Care and Repair Centers in Arizona was just named an Amazon best-selling author for his contribution to the new business book, Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success.

The new business book, Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success was released August 18th, 2015 on Amazon and at other online retailers and within just days it reached best-seller status landing in the #7 spot in the Small Business category and #17 in Entrepreneurship on Amazon.

In it, Herring shares his personal biography outlining his first steps toward entrepreneurship, his first failures, how he overcome obstacles and even a bad economy and how he’s built Stamps Auto from the ground up. Herring’s business has several locations in Arizona and has even just opened a new location this May 2015!

CEO, Author and well-known business thinker, Bill Drayton, wrote in his book, Leading Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World, “Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”

Herring hopes to continue to revolutionize the automotive repair industry with his focus on caring for each customer individually, not “selling” repairs for the sake of selling, but instead, offering education and options to his customers where they decide what is right for their situation and by keeping his focus on honestly and integrity, no matter what.

Herring says, “I learned a lot of lessons the hard way when I first started out. I hope that someone reads about my experiences and they can save themselves some of those hard lessons. I’d like to see someone get the confidence to know that you can open your own business, you can grow it into multiple locations and you can stand out from your competition by being honest and really caring about the people you are serving.”

About Winning Ways

In this powerful guide, business leaders and entrepreneurs Ken Sherman, Dr. Patricia Pivonka, John Herring, Kim Lenz, Chris Soto, Doug Rusk, Tim Rochford, Lori Neff, Jennifer Riggs and Jason Wiseman have teamed up to share with you their “winning ways,” offering insight into their “insider secrets” for creating business success. Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success offers a glimpse into the thoughts, strategies and plans of these highly successful entrepreneurs who work in more than 8 different industries serving clients all over the Northern hemisphere.

Winning Ways explores the experience and secrets of these successful entrepreneurs by uncovering their earliest roots starting down the path of entrepreneurship to looking at their toughest failures, how they overcame obstacles, revealing their inner mindset and tracing their path to business success. By reading about their business strategy and discovering how, exactly they came to be so successful at what they so, you can learn about the key habits, actions and traits of success and apply them to your own business. In this unique guide, real entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners in different industries share with you and show you how those traits look out in the real world, in practice.

Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success is available in Kindle and Print formats on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble online, via iTunes and at other online retailers. To order a copy of the book from Amazon please visit:

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