Real Estate Investors Association of NYC Relaunches Their Improved and Expanded Brand on September 9th, 2015 To Better Serve The Needs Of Their Members

One of the premier real estate investment associations in NYC, REIA NYC strives to “help members build, preserve, and harvest multi-generational wealth.” Their relaunching event happening this September 9th will unveil more services and programs to help members than ever before.

Created to engage and teach members about the real estate business and investment strategies, the Real Estate Investors Association of New York City is relaunching and rebranding their successful company. The goal of REIA NYC is to help members connect, create, and collaborate using the programs and tools that REIA NYC provides.

All are welcome to join REIA NYC at their relaunch party on September 9th, 2015 where there will be keynote speakers, networking, and the classic wine and cheese plates sponsored by local vendors. This networking opportunity is perfect for both new and established investor members to make real estate industry and professional business contacts, as well as new friends.

In addition to celebrating all of the amazing members of REIA NYC that are attending the event, the REIA NYC chapter will also be celebrating their partnerships with some of the largest names in real estate such as Home Depot, Realeflow, RealProtect Insurance, ISC Tenant Screening, Local Market Monitor, and many more.

Held at the TRYP Hotel at 345 W 35th Street (b/w 8th and 9th) in Manhattan, the REIA NYC relaunching and networking party is sure to be an affair that all will remember. In addition to the brand relaunch, the REIA NYC website will also be entirely redone and unveiled at the party. The new website will serve membership needs better, and make it easier for new members to join.

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“This event is perfect for new members to meet established members, for established members to meet new members, and for new members to meet each other. It is my hope that every attendee walks away learning something new that they can put in their back pocket for future investments and business opportunities,” says founder of the REIA NYC Dr. Teresa R. Martin.


The REIA NYC chapter is a membership organization focused on helping members improve their investment and real estate knowledge and practice. It was founded by successful real estate lawyer and personal finance expert Dr. Teresa R. Martin.




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