Aurangzeb Hafi Echoes Screams of ‘Dying-Alive’ Lonely Rohingya Children on 2015’s World Humanitarian Day—Mess-Predicaments Underscored—Global Community Urged to Take ‘Moral Stand’ at \”Vulnerable Hour\”

“Prof. Dr. Qadhi Aurangzeb Hafi”
One of the gravest humanitarian crisis of recorded human history is on its ongoing continuum, ‘every-night-and-every-day, in an unceasing way, and that is— the hard ‘Genocidal Clamp-down’ of Rohingya children in Myanmar.

Breaking News Feature/UN Observances/Asia – August 21, 2015 – Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi has voiced grave concerns against the backdrop of 2015’s World Humanitarian Day, that is proclaimed by the UN to be observed each year. He spotlighted the insurgency and acts of state-sponsored terrorism manifested upon Rohingya children in Myanmar.

“One of the gravest humanitarian crisis of recorded human history is on its ongoing continuum, ‘every-night-and-every-day’, in an unceasing way, and that is the hard ‘Genocidal Clamp-down’ of Rohingya children, being manifested systematically and methodically by state-backed riot groups,” says Prof. Hafi.

“Despite the severity, scale, magnitude and the unprecedented nature of inhumane brutalities manifested to these innocent lonely beings thereupon, the world is silently observing and doing nothing more than playing the role of a silent spectator standing aside!” And, we, the fellow human beings and the global observing eyes aren’t but shameless bystanders, shying away from taking a ‘moral stand’ at the critical most humanitarian juncture of our times.

One of the hardest moral-test is now faced by the collective spheres of humanity.

Professor A.Z Al Hafi, against the 2015 Humanitarian Day canvassed for a taking a ‘moral stand’ amidst the worsening situation of Rhingya children crisis. He also stressed on academics to a ‘voice raising for those who can’t raise by their own.   

“As I have earlier brought-forth the facts to the global attention, and made it admitted to the UN and rest of the world through SAIRI report that:

“This is not an atrocity against an ethnic minority’s small children, but the unbroken chains atrocities and massacre outrages, against all humans and the whole humanity—the humanitarian outcries, that are now well converting to a global ‘mirror to the blind’, reflecting our criminal laxity and a complete absence of humanitarian restraint,” maintains Professor Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi, who documented a detailed and well-read testimonial-description on ‘Rohingya Children Crisis’ last month. The testimony-document was predominantly instituted to the UN and the global hierarchies in particular, and primed for the international cross-boundary academic spheres in general.

Earlier, a shocking documentation of the horror-struck state-of-affairs, ascendingly arose a significant response in international ivories, on the issue of the Rohingya Children’s ‘Mess-predicament’.

The shocking but, academically ‘rather far-right’ document titled ‘SAIRI Situation Report on Rhohingya Children’s Ongoing Crisis’, was primed by SAIRI Post-doc Multiversity, which is also led by Dr. Qadhi A. Z. Al Hafi, who works as functionary principal investigator at SAIRI.  The ‘investigatory appraisal-based situation report’ was documented and acquiesced through the National Postdoctoral Headquarters based in Washington DC during the last month.

SAIRI report, to its part, “brought forth some of the alarming and perilous ‘information-specifics’ about hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children, who are being horrendously treated, brutally enslaved and inhumanely besieged… It has not only opened the eyes and pricked the minds within the academic segments, the UN and the socio-political ivories, but also served as ‘a mirror to the blind’ at large, in humanistic and moral realms!” opined Justice(R) S.S. Paru L.L.D., Chancellor Emeritus SAARC-ASEAN Post-doc Academia and Dr. Faisar N.M., who currently serves as Regional Appraisals’ Director at the SAARC Post-doc Academia.

Now, the SAIRI report’s striking diction and mind-pricking phraseology is being echoed across Asia on 2015’s World Humanitarian Day Observance:

“The testimonial document of SAIRI, now calls on UN and the trans-regional hierarchies in particular, and the global community in general, to take a ‘moral stand’ by mounting an urgent response-rejoinder to the most ‘vulnerable hour’ of this humanitarian emergency.”

“By means of the present report-testimony, I, the SAIRI’s principal investigator, hereby supplicate to the global community that:

“These longsuffering ‘stateless’ and ‘restless’ entities—the Rohingyas and their desperate children—are on their knees before the collective conscience of the world—the international community—the UN, the governments and the entire humanity.” 

“These glimmering flowers are being reduced and converted to dusky coffins, floating on the Andaman Sea.”

“The world has become a global village; we are all inhabitants of the same planet to which they belong, and—where alongside, they are being oppressed, thrashed, beleaguered and de-humanized—their homes being burned down—their heads being smashed on roads—their bodies being ruined and crumpled in streets—their small children being enslaved—their women being made sex-slaves—and, due to the unapproachability and inaccessibility to food and water they are forced to drink their own urine to survive…!!!

They are like us all—their lives are as precious as ours—their small babies are like our own small kids—the children that are now crying to seek a rescue—  ‘begging-for-their-lives’—these desperate kids are not, but like ours…!!!”

“And, if by now, we fail, therefore, to respond at this vulnerable hour, or if the global community continues to shy away from taking a ‘moral stand’, then, there can be no more justifiable reason for the pursuit of a humane society or for persisting and sticking to even the least realms of humaneness!” pleads SAIRI’s principal investigator, Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi.

“We have to strive for a ‘principal resolve’ of the ‘Rohingya Children Crisis’ as a ‘Moral Imperative’—if not a legal requisite,” urged and presaged categorically Prof. Qadhi A.Z. Al Hafi the principal investigator of SAIRI’s 1st situation report on ‘Rohingya Children’s De-humanizing Genocidal Clamp-down’.

About Professor Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi:

Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi’s name is no stranger to any state of affairs, when it comes to moral and humane convictions. Incontestably, the epitome watch-word ‘Aurangzeb Al-Hafi’ has always stood for raising sane, courageous and upright voice, at the critical most junctures of the our era’s considerations.

Professor Dr. Al Hafi has long been working for children in disastrous emergencies and cataclysmic situations. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi was the prime investigatory head of the projects concerning the disabled population of refugee camps in Sri Lanka, following the Asian Tsunami of 2004. He also maintained technical liaisons with the UN and other concerned quarters thereof.

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