Find hiding places for ants and get rid of them

“All types of moist or rotting wood, including trees or tree stumps, indoors behind bathroom tiles; around tubs, sinks, showers, and dishwashers; under roofing, in attic beams, and under subfloor insulation; in hollow spaces such as doors, curtain rods, an”
Ants often enter homes during the warmer months in search of water and food, With the summer season upon us, now is the perfect time to learn about the most common ant infested areas in a home and how to prevent an unwanted infestation.

To prevent an infestation in the kitchen, bathroom, homeowners should:

Clean up grease spills from countertops and floors as soon as they happen.

Any empty juice or soda containers should be rinsed out before recycling or throwing away. And, make sure to take the trash out regularly.

Store sweet staples like sugar, syrup and honey in plastic containers that snap shut, and wipe them down to remove any sticky residue.

You can also place a bay leaf inside canisters of dry goods like flour to keep the ants out.

Check the fruit bowl any over ripe fruit will attract ants.

Keep an eye out for water buildup in the sink and leaks around the faucet.

If you have pets, be sure to pick up any leftover food and wash the bowls regularly.

Occasionally, inspect sinks, toilets and tubs for any leaks or drips.

Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning by scrubbing the floors with disinfectant cleaner, and wiping down the inside of drawers with warm soapy water.

Check to ensure shampoo, lotion and soap bottles are secured and no contents have spilled out of their containers.

To keep ants from finding a way inside, homeowners should pest-proof around the outside of the home. Ant control experts recommend sealing any cracks with silicone caulk, repairing holes in window and door screens, replacing weather stripping, fixing loose mortar around the basement foundation and windows, and keeping tree branches trimmed back and away from the house.

Areas around the house with excess moisture are known to attract ants, so bathrooms are highly susceptible to an infestation. Carpenter ants, for example, often build nests in damp areas like behind bathroom tiles or under sinks. If you notice ants inside the home, it’s important to contact a licensed ant professional to inspect and treat the problem.


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