Customizable Rehab Programs Target Individuals’ Specific Issues

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs provides the highest quality of treatment services for the disease of chemical dependency by empowering individuals and families to take responsibility for their own recovery.
In the present day, prevention and intervention are the words people hear and think of how parents communicate with children and how schools teach their students in regards to abstinence from certain substances and or actions. However this is a real world methodology to being able to coincide in today’s ever evolving world of drug and alcohol abuse.

Which today is up over 500% from last year alone. To cope up with this issue, various organizations, NGOs social welfare groups and professional rehab centers have come up with innovative rehabilitation programs. Their aim is to help people lead a drug-free life. However, while choosing a rehab program it must be kept in mind that every individual is different. Hence the rehab program too, must be customized as per as the requirement of an individual to make sure the program is more effective.

Different programs for different age groups

It’s noteworthy to say that people from different age groups undergo the same rehab program or programs. However, the approach is flawed to some extent. People of different ages have varying lifestyles, experiences and issues in their lives and putting them under the same roof for a rehab program doesn’t seem like a good idea. This is where a customized rehab program comes into play. A customized rehab program will be formulated based on the goals, experiences and issues of the person concerned. Hence, these types of customized programs are more effective than the traditional approach.

The extent of drug abuse

Another variable that needs careful examination prior to choosing a rehab program is the extent and duration of drug/abuse. Whereas some people are heavily addicted to substance/alcohol, there are others who are moderately addicted to drugs. So, quite naturally the need to customize a rehab program arises. Heavily addicted people may need to undergo an intensive program consisting of various therapies such as psychotherapy or process therapy, but those who are moderate drug abusers require simple methods such as yoga, fitness training, health improvement therapy, skill development programs, or hobby based therapy. So it’s clear as to why a customized rehab program is more effective.

The lifestyle of the person

One of the most important factors that must be considered is the lifestyle of the person.  Each person is unique and so is their lifestyle. For instance, some people might prefer frequent visits from their loved ones in course of the rehabilitation whereas others may just want to spend some time alone. Thus, the need for customizing a rehab program arises. A customized rehab program based on the lifestyle of a person is certainly more effective than the normal and general programs meant to work for everyone.

Besides these factors, issues such as the duration of abuse and cause of drug abuse must also be considered. These parameters vary largely from person to person and hence a customized rehab program has better prospects of treating the person in an effective way.


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