Fishing as a Means to Relax and Unwind

Your fishing trip will be the best and most relaxing adventure you’ve ever had!
When engaged in a high stress, rapid change lifestyle as many of us are these days, it’s going to be difficult to relax and unwind. Many people are considering time spent in wildlife as a great therapeutic investment that helps them function better and move through their daily lives with more serenity.

When it comes to relaxation, fishing in the out of doors is a great way to unwind and reduce stress.  There is nothing like the meditative influence that fishing can have on someone’s peace of mind.  Meditation has been proven to have positive influences on medical, mental and emotional health, and fishing incorporates the repetitive focus and quiet that most meditation experts and medical professionals agree influences the best state of mind.

There are different environments in which people can fish, and still benefit their lifestyle.  For instance, fishing on the open water offers the calming wave effect of the larger body of water, the opportunity to really get away from the land, and the thrill of really big fish when they are biting!  However, fishing from shore, for example for trout or bass, can be just as calming – the careful, slow movements that are required in shore casting are a recipe for the simple, repetitive and beneficial state of mind that gives the body the most relaxing benefits.

Some people prefer to fish on their own, carefully cultivating a solitary environment in which they can think profoundly, in a way that’s not possible in the hubbub of day to day life.  This is the most traditional and common way in which fishing’s relaxation reflex benefits are brought to the forefront of otherwise hectic lives.  However, some people find that the bonding a family or small group can experience when fishing together is even better than fishing alone.  In our modern lifestyles, the sense of connectedness and communion that our ancestors felt daily is hard to locate sometimes, and for many people a family fishing excursion can be the adventure that’s needed to bring everyone together and on the same page.

Just getting out of the routine, in which blood pressure is regularly raised, stress response activated just about hourly, and tension levels go up in response to regular stimulation, anyone can enjoy a physical and mental release.  Any vacation can give that level of benefit, but imagine a vacation in which public or mass transportation isn’t an issue.  Get out of routine and out of the way of the world.  People may not even be able to contact you via cell phone – you will literally be outside the modern world.  Your body will be able to relax and recharge in a way that most people in the modern world just can’t imagine.

Add in the joy of casting for powerful, challenging fish who are worthy competitors and you have the best of all worlds.  Your fishing trip will be the best and most relaxing adventure you’ve ever had!

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