Baldwin Cosmetics, a Grooming Products company for Men launches Face Moisturizer Lotion on Amazon

Tel Aviv, Israel – The creative stalwarts behind the Baldwin Grooming Products recently announced the launch of their one of a kind Face moisturizer lotion. Made from Dead Sea Minerals, Argan oil and African Shea oil with a touch of Jojoba oil the face moisturizer lotion comes with a solid 30 days money back guarantee and can be purchased at

Priced at $29.95, this moisturizing Lotion harness the true power of the earth by using Dead Sea minerals which can do wonders to your skin with their natural effects. The lotion contains blend of natural ingredients which leaves a lasting sexy scent that will linger with the user all day, making others notice the freshness of their skin. Moreover, the anti-oxidants used in the form of vitamin E and C will save the skin from premature wrinkling and creases by stopping free radicals in its tracks.

Emphasizing the use of natural oils in their product, Jacob Aboudi, CEO of Baldwin Grooming Products said at the announcement that the company has used handpicked oils which revitalizes and repairs men’s face skin. He mentioned that the lotion is targeted towards men whose skin gets affected due shaving and damage from wind and sun as well as pollutants.

“We use Argan Oil, African Shea Oil with a little touch of Jojoba and Centella Asiatica in the preparation of this lotion. While the Dead Sea Minerals moisturize the skin leaving it looking fresh as the morning dew, the oils help increase the longevity of the skin. The oils used have their own unique properties. While The Argan oil nourishes the face and makes it softer, the African Shea oil slows the aging process of the skin which is what everyone desires for. Also, Centella Asiatica, which is extracted from the infamous Centella leaves does deep skin renewal and surprisingly it can even repair injuries,” said Jacob Aboudi, CEO at Baldwin.

A brainchild of Jacob Aboudi, Oz Aboudi and Eyal Manerva, Baldwin Grooming Products is a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel which sells men’s beauty and personal care products worldwide. Motivated by the belief that men too deserve the benefits of boutique skin nourishment products that were similar in quality to those prestigious products used by women, the company aims to provide premium skin nourishment products for sensitive masculine skin at a reasonable price. Thus it is no surprise that the company’s tagline reads “Savvy care for men”.

“We created the product after three years of pioneering chemical and dermatological research and development. Also, No compromises were made in the selection of ingredients, raw materials and products containing the finest vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs. We chose the materials after deep research which resulted into a high quality range of grooming products for men, which nourish sensitive skin with moisture, relaxing it, and restoring its vitality, while imparting a silky touch and manly fragrance; sexy, enticing and prestigious – just as men want it to be,” said Eyal Manerva, at the announcement.

For more information regarding Baldwin or any of their upcoming products, please feel free to contact Kobi Habodi at mentioned contact details.

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