CASA Recovery Discusses Which Rehab Programs Work Best for Addicts

The outcome of the treatment heavily depends upon the expertise and design of the drug rehabilitation program and its staff.
Drug addiction treatments seek to help the patients overcome their addiction and become a functioning member of society.

Many surveys were conducted on individuals seeking treatment at drug rehab programs and these surveys reveal that they are able to overcome their addiction and become more socially active. The outcome of the treatment heavily depends upon the expertise and design of the drug rehabilitation program and its staff. A good rehab program not only addresses the drug issues but also goes a step further by addressing the basic problems that led to the addiction.

Studies suggest that aftercare programs are also important in helping the patients deal with chronic drug treatment programs. Most of the patients that don’t get aftercare programs tend to relapse back to their addiction. In this case of relapse most patients tend to blame the rehab program. The rehab program does not deserve the blame as drug addiction rehabilitation requires extended care and continued evaluation for the patients.

The government spends nearly $600 million every year in order to deal with the different problems that arise as a direct consequence of drug abuse. Patients who accept their condition and seek treatment tend to show faster recovery as compared to the patients that are forced into the program; therefore, the first step towards rehabilitation is the acceptance of the problem and willingness to overcome it.

At macro level, every dollar that is invested by the government over the treatment of patient’s results in saving about $4 dollars in the form of decreased criminal activity and increased productivity and participating in the social fabric. The length of the treatment can vary depending on the condition and requirements of the patient. Most programs require at least 90 days of participation in order to see any measurable results, while other patients may require as long as 12 months of continued care and evaluation in order to overcome their addiction.

One of the biggest issues that affect the results of the treatment at rehab centers is dropping or discontinuing treatment at critical stages. These disruptions affect the flow of the treatment and may in turn increase the time required to deal with the issues.

Drug rehab centers have a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with all the issues that can stem from drug addiction, which makes the rehab centers the best chance that an addict has at recovering their former self and leading a complete and happy life.

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