ABPR Airborne Security Officers Will Train to Meet Today’s Security Challenges

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – August 24, 2015 – The world renowned tactical trainer and knife designer , the 2007 black belt magazine hall of fame weapons instructor of the year and the highly acclaimed father of Israeli knife combative, Grand Master Bram Frank with over 30 years of experience  has joined the Airborne faculty  as the Director of Training of close quarter combative and personal interaction.  “Grand Master Bram Frank, is a military and law enforcement trainer and will bring his expertise to the uniformed officers as well as the executive protection teams here at Airborne, said Director of Operations Kirk Simms. “Grand Master Bram Frank best known for his practical non lethal no nonsense approach to self defense has designed the best non lethal tool in ‘your tool box’ for the officers to use, called the Crmipt: Close Range Control Response Medium ImPact Tool… www.Crimpt.com

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Close Range/Control Response Medium ImPact Tool: a non lethal mini expandable tool that can expand and retract all within use of force allowing for trapping, control, takedown, impact and restraint of individuals.  Can easily be used against other tools or weapons of opportunity with measured force. CRMIPT is equipped with Flex cuff cutter /seat belt cutter /clothing cutter to be used for safety and emergency rescue situations.  CRMIPT Ramp and Cutter both act as glass / windshield breakers for emergency situations.  CRMIPT is a personal defensive impact /Rescue tool. Read more

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