The positive impact of family support during drug rehabilitation

The healing process of drug addiction is well documented in a multitude of medical journals and articles. What’s harder to discuss in these papers however, is how families deal with the problem and how the person suffering from drug addiction will respond to family support.

During the rehabilitation phase, support should be given both to the drug addict and to the family, and reach the point where both parties understand and overcome the problem.

The person suffering from drug abuse needs the support of everyone around them, especially the family. The rehab process brings deep changes regarding how the individual sees himself and the world. It requires strength and courage both for the drug addict and the family, and the family later should seek help, as they will also need to change. For the healing process to be efficient, the individual needs to regain a sense of responsibility and address the problem. At the same time though, the family needs to do the same thing, changing alongside the person suffering from drug abuse, and the sooner they understand this, the quicker and more efficient the healing process will be.

The family is usually the ones expected to flag the drug problem; the pressure is intense. And for this to happen, they will first need to understand the problem, seek help themselves and then offer all the support and love to the person concerned. While confronting the problem and taking the responsibility of helping the drug addict, there is a risk of families blaming themselves. Therefore, they should not forget that this is a disease for which they are not responsible and that they can get help alongside the person suffering from this. In the end, one cannot offer help unless he gets treated first.

Families are acutely involved in the healing process of a drug addict. Which is why family support is a key factor both ways: families supporting and helping the individual suffering from a drug problem, and specialists offering support and help to the families in their struggle to understand and overcome the issue. By understanding their own need to adapt to the problem, they will also be more involved in the rehabilitation of the entire family, including the individual concerned, thus accelerating the healing process. But for the family to be able to do that, they will need specialised support too and help to go through what is rightfully described as an utterly painful experience.

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