Writer of the movie ‘Life of on the line’ turns director for his debut movie ‘Money Back Guarantee’

Primo Brown, the writer of the film Life on the Line starring John Travolta and Sharon Stone is all set to create an independent film and turned out to be the director for the same. With his vast experience of working behind the scenes for various hit films, he got the inspiration to continue to write along with directing his own films which led him to find ‘The Shimoda Film Company’.

The film, Money Back Guarantee, touches the sensitive issue of organ trade and the way it affects people negatively or positively. The business which has become a multi-million dollar industry worldwide is the main subject of writer/director’s upcoming movie. The story revolves around the lead character, Lisa, who is a homeless 18 year old with not a care in the world. Unwillingly, she is pushed into the chaotic and devastating world of the organ trade.

Dr. Bantu, the antagonist of the film, is a well known physician who has partnered with a group of mercenaries and organ brokers that harvest organs illegally. He uses wealthy and other desperate individuals in dire need of an organ can pay him multiple dollars, offering his clients, a much sought after “Money Back Guarantee”.

The movie is a suspense thriller which promises the audience to keep them at the edge of their couch and raise a question in their mind, “What would I be willing to do to save my own life, at the life of a loved one?” 

The film raises a real life problem but is truly meant for entertainment as it includes a few things are totally bizarre and unlikely to happen in real life. In simple words, it’s a fiction based on facts. The movie will be first releasedVideo on Demand, Amazon and most probably on Roku as well.

Since this movie is Brown’s first venture so to make this movie the best, he required a good budget, for which he has started a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo. The money raised from the campaign will be utilized mainly in post editing of the film, and managing the cast and crew. For the contributors, great perks and rewards are being offered too.


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