The Mystery of Life Coding Breaks Wide Open

Did you know that everyone lives by codes — and those codes have the power to either uplift you or sabotage you?
In AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works, the third book in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, Sandra and Daniel Biskind have unlocked the codes to achieving immediate and sustainable peace in our lives! Regardless of where you are on your personal journey toward enlightenment and self-mastery you are certain to grow and have more fun from reading this remarkable series.

“Just sitting next to them makes me feel more relaxed and creative than I’ve felt in a long time. They are amazing healers and trainers, authors and speakers who do some amazing transformational work. I’ve experienced their work and found it life changing, really very powerful!” JACK CANFIELD, Bestselling author of Chicken Soup for The Soul Series and The Success Principles

It’s a personal transformation life changer! The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series is a clear, concise and passionate “how to” on understanding and attaining inner peace, unconditional love, happiness and greater success in everyday life. The insights, wisdom and techniques provide immediate mind shifts that used every day bring about amazing results. If the question you’re asking yourself is peace possible for me? The answer is YES! This book will show you how to remove your Ego Mind Programs and replace the chaos, sadness, judgement and anxiety with love, forgiveness and Peace. There is peace on earth and it now begins with all of us!

If you want more peace, love and happiness, the books in this series will take you there.

“I have used Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Dennis Waitley and many others over the last 30 years. Nothing I have ever done can compare to the breakthrough I have been lucky enough to experience through Sandra and Daniel.” ROBERT HURST, Business owner and entrepreneur.

Using a simple and easy system the books in The CODE BREAKER PLATINUM Series teaches you how to identify, neutralize and delete the negative life codes that cause all the frustration and fear, and even despair, depression, panic and anger in your life.

“The highly motivated, successful people we work with have a hunger for personal development that is fast, gets results and takes them into a whole new stratosphere of success. When they use this system they more easily lean into their lives 100% aware, mindful and present,” says Daniel Biskind.

Sandra and Daniel Biskind in the Media: They have been featured in interviews in print and television:  Australia, New Zealand, Le Figaro France, The Daily Telegraph, London, Conde Nast Traveller USA, also publications in Spain, Portugal and Russia – who named the resort one of the “Best 50 Resorts in The World.”

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