RIBA Venues Conferences have to Embrace Social Media

Social media is a great tool and used properly can help companies promote their business.

24 August, 2015 – United Kingdom – Social media has changed the dynamic of day to day life with many people spending hours every day on sites like Twitter and Facebook. In essence, social media allows conversations to extend beyond the walls around you and is online for others to see. As such it gives people a voice and people are gladly expressing themselves.

Given how popular sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are, the exposure companies can get from social media is huge and cannot be ignored and instead companies need to embrace it and get the most from it, especially when it comes to conferences.

When looking at London conference venues and when writing your speech, you should consider how to integrate social media. Second screen technology where users have access to the content being discussed is perfect. It encourages people to post things about your conference online and in doing so, promoting your business. The best way to boost brand awareness is to have others recommending you and saying great things about your brand.

One of the great things about social media is the size of the audience. By integrating it into your event, the size of your conference suddenly changes from the number of delegates in the room to millions of people online. Gone are the days where you wanted to hide content so that it wasn’t plagiarised, now people want to share it and get full credit for it.

Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, said: “Social media has become an integral part of conferences with more people wanting to encourage delegates to share their content. Here at RIBA, we want to give our customers what they want and provide them with the technology that they require. Our conference rooms have excellent audio visual equipment as well as a fast internet connection.”

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