LectureMonkey Automatically Turns Your Classroom Lectures into e-Lectures

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 24, 2015 – Lecture capture is a fast growing market, and is beneficial to both students and faculty. Studies show that students see great value in being able to access lecture recordings in order to make up missed classes and review material prior to exams – and it helps them get better grades. Active classrooms provide even more benefits – getting students to engage with the material during class and after – and is a proven way to increase grades and student satisfaction.

“LectureMonkey self-service mobile lecture capture and active classroom was a break though, making easy for students and faculty to collaboratively record, take notes and share any lecture for later review using only their iPhone®, Dropbox® and access to the web,” said Jacob Ukelson, LectureMonkey founder.  “The new features in LectureMonkey version 5.6 are focused on enhancing the capture experience even more, especially for faculty – making it easy incorporate existing slides into a lecture while presenting or afterwards. By adding live slide distribution to student devices and collaborative capture, LectureMonkey makes lecture capture a natural extension of the classroom. LectureMonkey is not only cheaper than traditional lecture capture systems, but also more advanced.”

LectureMonkey can eliminate or postpone the need for an expensive commercial lecture capture system. Even if you already have purchased a lecture capture system, why not augment it with LectureMonkey to capture all the lectures not currently being captured. Why spend money on a lecture capture system that is expensive to buy and maintain, when you can use LectureMonkey at no cost and without the need for IT support?

LectureMonkey combines collaborative lecture capture (high quality audio, images, and presentation slides) and collaborative comments into a crowd sourced, shared, multimedia summary of a class. LectureMonkey uses computer vision techniques and audio post processing to ensure the quality of the capture.

LectureMonkey 5.6 includes new features that enable faculty to use lecture capture and active learning in any classroom. It requires no infrastructure or IT support – just an iPhone®, Dropbox® and an Internet connection.

Our mission is to be every class’ automated note taker and lecture capture system that makes it easy to capture any lecture, any where, any time — while enhancing the lecture experience for both faculty and students.

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About LectureMonkey

LectureMonkey is a mobile and web application used by tens of thousands students to record and review thousands of lectures. Our mission is to be every student’s automated note taker and to become a worldwide, student sourced local community learning hub for students, by students. Come see how easy it is to get started.

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