Aussie Couple Takes Idea From Kitchen to Kickstarter: Lenzcase

Lenzcase – your phone + your glasses in one elegant case, is sleek and lightweight with chamfered edges, clean lines and subtle textured surface which provides a perfect match for your iPhone.

ADELAIDE, AU and HAWAII, US – August 24, 2015 – An Adelaide husband and wife team are about to launch an innovative product to the world through the US Kickstarter online portal.

Steve, a firefighter and Cheryl, a hairdresser, have spent almost 2 years designing, prototyping and developing Lenzcase – your smartphone case with spring-loaded reading glasses, tucked away in back “for when you really need them”.

Think: Switchblade . . .  but for readers!

“The idea came to me standing in the kitchen, as I was trying to fit my bulky glasses case into my clutch purse, before heading out to dinner,” says Cheryl Grealy.

“It occurred to me that people always take their ‘phone’ but would rather not bother with their bulky readers case . . . if only they could!

“We are constantly caught out by small print on a receipt or straining to read the label on a product at the store, or a menu in a restaurant.

“How many times have you see people swapping their spectacles in a restaurant or heard someone ask if they can borrow another person’s glasses?”

The Lenzcase reading glasses come in +2, +2.5, +3 and +3.5 dioptre strengths, but it is the innovative case design which sets Lenzcase apart.

The Grealy’s and their team developed an extraordinarily slim case (adding just a quarter of an inch to the bare phone) using a super thin internal aluminum plate held in place with micro sized aircraft-grade machine screws giving the Lenzcase™ a robust yet lightweight rigidity.

The exoskeleton/skin of high quality poly-carbonate provides a combination of lightweight strength, clean lines with great functionality. Using a clever ‘switchblade action’ configuration of low tensile coil spring, ball race and carriage, the glasses are suddenly right there for a quick 10 or 20 second read, and then instantly slotted back into the case’s recess.

Mr Grealy says, “He had the help of some of Adelaide’s best industrial designers and engineers in the development of Lenzcase.”

Daniel Brown a University of Adelaide graduate in mechanical/aerospace engineering worked on 3D modelling for Lenzcase, providing print outs of the finished product way ahead of anything Mr. Grealy could sources overseas.

Industrial designer Jara Prouza’s company Prouza Design situated in the northern suburbs, often uses the Hills Innovation Centre at Tonsley Park for high quality 3D printing.  He applied his experience in product design and manufacturing to the development of Lenzcase, one of the many local and national companies he has helped through participation in product development programs for global manufacturers.

“So we have had first-class help from within our very own state,” Mr Grealy adds.

He believes launching Lenzcase through Kickstarter in the US will provide a solid foundation to bringing the product to the world. Globally there have been over 100 million iPhone 6 units sold, and given 1 in 5 Americans (1 in 4 Boomers) needs reading assistance, the market is huge.

Mr Grealy says the product will be launched on Kickstarter on the 25th of August this year.

“With their support, Lenzcase for iPhone 6, will be shipping out in early December, in time for Christmas,” he says.

The product will sell for $US28 to US$49 depending on options and packaging, plus world-wide postage of $US10.

“By February, 2016 we’ll be tooled up and shipping out for Galaxy 5 and 6 Edge + and iPhone 6P.”

“You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your glasses again. Better still, choose to leave that bulky glasses case home tonight!” Mr Grealy adds.

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