Discover Cost-Effective Shipping and Storage Solutions Through Sea Container Sales

Solve shipping and storage problems by contacting Sea Container Sales to buy or rent shipping containers in Houston, TX. This company offers a wide variety of containers in an assortment of sizes to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

As the number one source for new and used storage containers in Houston, TX, Sea Container Sales strives to provide the ideal container solution to every client. Many customers only need a container once in their life, so they offer affordable one-time rental rates. A one-time rental is perfect for temporarily storing an extensive amount of commercial property, shipping a vehicle, or transporting an entire family’s belongings to another country. With containers ranging from 10 feet to 53 feet, their company is sure to offer a rental to meet the needs of any client.

Sea Container Sales’ cargo containers are strong enough to withstand all damage dished out by shipment, storage, handling, and extreme weather, making them a lasting and worthwhile investment. Every container sold is sure to protect belongings from harm, whether it travels across the ocean or sits outdoors for years. Competitive pricing is available on both new and used containers, with a variety of sizes in stock. Shipping is available throughout the southwestern United States.

Modified shipping containers are also for sale to meet the space needs of private individuals and businesses. These portable containers make ideal on-site offices and temporary living accommodations. Sea Container Sales equips the containers with whatever features the client desires. These custom modifications include windows and ventilation, electrical power, phone and internet capabilities, lock boxes, shelving, and even showers, toilets, and sinks. All modifications are done in-house and typically completed within a few days.

To learn more about their products and services, call Sea Container Sales at 844-500-2549 or visit  They strive to fulfill the needs of the rapidly expanding container marketplace.



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