Treating Multiple Disorders as a part of Treating Addiction Recovery

The purpose of the medical evaluation by a physician is to establish the patient’s body’s general condition.
An addict must be medically evaluated before any treatment can begin, and a facility that is licensed, well-respected and well thought of in the treatment community will have experienced medical doctors and trained professional nurses available around the clock to provide low-cost and low-stress evaluations.

The first step in a recovery program begins with the addict.  The second step is the responsibility of the addiction recovery treatment facility. The assessment process begins with a simple medical physical evaluation like most of us have received in the past.  The purpose of the medical evaluation by a physician is to establish the patient’s body’s general condition.  This process is necessary because, as addiction progresses, stresses develop on the body and the process of going through detox can actually be harmful to a patient if the body is not in good shape.  No treatment facility or medical doctor wants to do harm to a patient, either physical or mental.  A second component of the evaluation is the mental health review.  Some patients who are in excellent physical condition despite their addiction are not in an appropriate mental health state to begin the taxing and intensive process of detox and recovery.

If either the physical or mental health of the patient is not at a point where recovery is a good option, the trained medical professionals and therapists will make recommendations to remediate the patient’s condition.  This may involve a temporary stay at the facility making use of medical withdrawal management techniques, or may involve more intensive work with outside doctors and physicians.  There is no need for the patient or the family to be concerned about privacy – even if there are multiple physicians involved in remediating the health conditions underlying an addiction patient’s situation, the doctors are required to maintain confidentiality.

Once the physical has determined the mental health of a patient, the patient is able to be re-evaluated for admission to a recovery program. When there are co-diagnoses of mental health issues in addition to addiction, there is often the opportunity for the patient to address multiple concerns at the same time.  The distinction co-therapy approach offered by excellent addiction recovery treatment facilities not only makes the most of the patient’s time in recovery, but allows a fuller and more lasting recovery.  The mental health underpinnings of emotional strength, self-awareness, and personal reliance are a critical part of any recovery program, and will serve the patient well in recovery and beyond.


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