It is all in the Details – How Your Recovery Team Can Help

The best programs recognize that some of the things that go into helping a patient reach a stable point in recovery are not strictly medical.
Addiction therapy and recovery treatment programs are primarily focused on the physical and mental health of the patient.

The best programs recognize that some of the things that go into helping a patient reach a stable point in recovery are not strictly medical.  In fact, the major stressors that recovery patient’s encounter (once they reach a stable medical state and have gone through the detoxification process) relate to the details of the outside world.

For instance, issues within families often arise during the course of an addiction.  The relationships that should form the most stabilizing, supportive, and loving bond can be ripped apart by the lies, broken promises and unreliability of addiction.  Trained and experienced family counseling professionals should be a part of a treatment team when these issues are in play, as the rebuilding of strong family bonds will help the recovery and prevent relapse.

When legal issues have led the addict to face addiction treatment, as in the case of court-ordered therapy, there is good news.  The relapse rate for those who admit themselves to therapy or treatment is statistically the same as the rate for those who enter therapy because they are ordered to by the law.  In fact, groundbreaking and well-designed treatment programs will involve legal counsel that is experienced in the outcomes and nuances of addiction law.  There are attorneys who specialize in the care of people who have addictions to prescription painkillers, those who have had malpractice experiences under the care of physicians, and can even assist you in preparation for your criminal trial or other hearing.

Most of the best treatment programs accept major insurance.  This is a great help to many for whom the idea of inpatient, residential treatment would otherwise be out of reach.  But at the best of times, navigating the insurance maze can be intimidating and frustrating.  Treatment centers and programs have insurance professionals to help with the details of the case and make sure that the benefits that one is entitled to be received.

Having professionals of many fields available to help the addict in recovery just makes good sense.  Not only does it help reduce some of the fear that comes with thoughts of therapy, but it helps reduce the stress and distraction that can delay and even harm a recovery process.  There’s no need to take on added responsibilities when a patient is already trying to make major mental, physical, and emotional adjustments.  Rather, the need is for a strong focus on what’s happening inside.  The professionals associated with an exceptional addiction treatment program will handle the rest.

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