How to select the good vibrating screen and related spares?

Today, the famous Jiangxi Naipu Mining supplier will share with people how to better select the good vibrating screen and related spares.

Using the vibration sieve made of different materials

The material of the mesh sieve has a great influence on screening efficiency for various materials. In that case, each engineer and purchaser should pay more attention to the selection of the screen sieve mesh.

Sieve pore size

The larger of the sieve pore size, the higher efficiency of the sieve productivity and the screening effect will also be better. However, please remember that the size of the mesh must depend on the purpose and requirements that adopt to the screening process. If manufacturer hope to sieve fines materials, the mesh holes need to be small enough. On the contrary, the holes size must be large.

The vibrating force of the vibration motor

The vibration motor is the force source among flotation impeller. The number of the vibration force should be based on the size of material and the related handling capacity. If the vibration force is too large, it will cause into the shattering phenomenon. If it is too small, it could not reach to ideal effect and it may also cause into the material blocking phenomenon.

Elastic support spring is one of the crucial vibrating screen spares

The spring is not only the main vibration spring but also the isolation vibrating spring. The performance of them could directly affect the shaker screening effect. Therefore, please take more care for the selecting of those spares.

The seal ring is one of the important parts of the vibration screener

The commonly material for the sealing rings could be concluded into rubber seals, silicone seals and polyurethane seals. If there is no specific requirement, the machine will be installed with the standard machine rubber seals. Furthermore, the silicone and polyurethane seal is mainly used for materials with special properties, such as high temperature, oil or corrosive materials.

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