Proposed Project: International Soccer School — Fundraising For A Social Soccer Project Helping Children

Fundraising for a social soccer project

In Germany there are sports clubs where children can practice their sport.

In the USA there is this form barely. In Germany you usually play soccer all year long and in the US only in a short period of 3 months in a youth organization, high school or college. What comes after that time? Most of the time nothing! Or the kids have to play baseball, football or something else.

Young children are accommodated in the youth organizations and theses memberships are not cheap. As we had been living in the USA we realized that many kids have not been able to play soccer in the youth org. because the parents could not afford membership, states Coach Jens.

He further said: “We want to build up an international soccer school in which everything is free. The school should contribute itself by donating and without any profit. Children from socially and financially disadvantaged families should also have the chance to participate in soccer. It should be an all-year open offer. Children who participate in soccer the complete year will stay away from drugs, gangs and trouble. Furthermore, the financially weak but talented child should get the opportunity to get a scholarship for a college.”

In the current situation in the US, it is difficult if you are only playing soccer for 3 months a year.

But if you play soccer all year long you also learn a lot more and by the way this is an advantage for future possibilities with soccer.

Furthermore Coach Jens said: “We want to offer soccer for adults of different cultures, races, backgrounds and financial situations. The goal is bringing people together for the sport and the sense of unity because nobody cares about the color of skin or how much money somebody has, people meet for common soccer.”

Please help Coach Jens to start the project:

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